The camping grounds at Himnasvalir include complimentary services like toilets, shower, Kitchen and BBQ as well as optional washer and dryer. The Himnasvalir kitchen and café offers meals and drinks every day from 10am to 9pm.

Also available to campers are daytrips run by JRJ Superjeep from the grounds to the higlands of Iceland to Laugarfell where guests can enjoy a natural warm pool for a relaxing afternoon. The trip costs 8.000 kr. per person and a minimum of 2-4 passengers. Tours available from June until September.

Pricelist for 2020

Price per camping unit*: 1.700 kr.
*Camping unit reffers to a tent, camper, mobile home etc.

Additional cost per:
adult: 500 kr.
Children 0-12: free
Washer: 500 kr.
Dryer: 500 kr.

Additional information on campsite available at